Small Little Ways I’m Getting Through Social Distancing

Probably like everyone, I had a few good weeks and a few bad weeks during this pandemic.

So I thought I’d share a few small little ways I’m getting through social distancing

in hopes they will help you, or inspire you to find our own small ways to look after yourself during this pandemic.

On one hand, it feels a self-indulgent to complain about having a roof over our head, plenty of food,

and not being able to leave our cozy home. On the other hand, this has been a challenging and scary time

and finding a balance has been difficult.

As the weeks dragged on and we faced another month or so of self-quarantine, I kind of lost it.

There was definitely a few days that were part of that bad week I talked about earlier.

I stayed up too late. Binging TV. I wasn’t productive. I didn’t bother with my hair or anything else for that

matter and it reflected on everyone else. And it didn’t help.

Here are little things that did help.

Small Little Ways I’m Getting Through Social Distancing


Going to Bed Early // Getting Enough Sleep

Staying up late is creates a vicious cycle for me. When I stay up late I’m too tired to do

anything else other than binge TV.

This also means late night snacking. Forget about any night time beauty routine or exercise in the morning.

Going to bed early and getting enough rest makes all the difference in not only how my day goes, but also for others.

Once I realized that, I knew going to bed early had to become part of the way I take care of myself during this time.


Making Time for Exercise

The other day I did a 15-minute cardio class and it really kicked my butt.

It made me realize that you don’t need a lot of time to get a workout in.

I’ve been finding pilates and cardio videos on YouTube. Some of my favorites

I found on the POPSUGAR Fitness channel.

I also know that unless I work out in the morning, I am not going to do it later—

no matter how much I promise myself that I will.

Making the time to do something physical helps keep my spirits up and

makes me feel better throughout the day.


Self-Care Routines & Make Up

It might sound trite, but taking the time to put on make up and do my hair

really helps lift my mood throughout the day.

Even though we’re not going anywhere, it feels better to get ready for the day.

I’ve likely been wearing a little more eye liner and highlighter,

and it’s truly one of small little ways I’m getting through this.

I even placed an order for more beauty items. Here are a few of my favorites:



Lowering Productivity Expectations

“You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work.”

I came across this phrase several times during our stay in place orders and it really

helped put things in perspective for me.

I kept seeing other bloggers and content creators turning out new content daily

and felt frustrated and angry that I couldn’t find the time to do the same.

But, we are all different and have different situations.

And for nearly a month I couldn’t find the balance or inspiration to get back to the blog.

Instead, I created a very small to-do list that I managed to help things move along. And made piece with that.

Finding a Routine


We are not following a by the clock type of routine we had before.

But we do have a general layout of our day that helps everyone. It’s a new kind of normal but we are used to it.

Finding some sort of routine has been very settling to all of us during this time.


What are some of the ways you’ve been able to help yourself get through this difficult time?



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