Small Life Upgrades With Big Results

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This year, I didn’t make a concrete resolution before the year started. Instead, I decided to take the month of January to really explore my intentions for the year. So far, I know that my goal is to continue to focus on my health and general well being as well as the health of my family. I’m also actively looking for ways to make our life easier. Small life upgrades with big results.

Here Are a Few Small Ways to Upgrade Your Busy Life

Gut Health

One of the best things I implemented last year was taking a Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic. It’s a small way to support your digestive and immune system with big results.

Drinking a glass of water with collagen, taking a multi-vitamin, and the Renew Life Women’s Care Probiotics have been game changers for me in terms of my overall health and how I feel on the daily basis.

Renew Life Women’s Probiotic has 25 billion live cultures per capsule and 10 specifically selected probiotic strains

You can find the #1 best selling women’s probiotic (based on sales units) at Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club has the exclusive 90ct bottle of Renew Life Women’s probiotic, which is great since you don’t have to constantly repurchase. Plus, you only need to take it once a day since its capsule has a delayed release.

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probiotics on the go

Overall Fitness

Over the last year, I really committed to one exercise studio. Previously, it was super hard to get to a set schedule as a mom and a wife. That is, until I found a local yoga studio with babysitting. What a life upgrade! To be able to exercise and have someone watch your child. The best part is that the babysitters at my exercise place are super engaged and lovely.

I’ve found that yoga + Pilates + weights are the kind of classes that really show results. Not crazy, “I have a six pack” results but something!! Plus, yoga has been irreplaceable for my mental health. The hour or so I get to only think about my body and being is such a wonderful release.

No matter what your fitness goals are, I promise that if you make them a priority this year and upgrade your schedule to include exercise, you will feel better, both mentally and physically.

Asking for Help

There is a perpetual myth that a woman should be able to do it all. Work, cook and clean and take care of her family—all while looking and feeling her best. That’s impossible.

I can’t be responsible for providing three meals and snacks to my family every day. I can’t keep the house super clean and also work.

Hope you guys find these little small life upgrades with big results as helpful as I did OR if you have your own, please share!!




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