Showing Your Partner Kindness Every Day

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One of the things that Mauricio taught me in our relationship is showing you care with little everyday things. These unspoken kind gestures that we perform for each other daily remind us that we have each other, even during the busiest and hardest days. They’re especially meaningful on those days when your relationship may not be in a great space, and they also have a way of making everyday mindless tasks a little more special. Read on for showing your partner kindness every day.


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showing your partner kindness everyday

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Showing Your Partner Kindness Every Day

Showing your partner kindness every day is really simple when you think about utilizing their love language as a way to connect.

Receiving Gifts

Mauricio appreciates little thoughtful gifts, especially the kinds of gifts he wouldn’t buy for himself. Like a new pair of socks or the Gillette® SkinGuard razor. It’s specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. So, when I came across it, I knew Mauricio would love it because of how sensitive his skin can be. It’s especially great for when he travels because it’s so lightweight, yet effective. The razor is clinically proven to help with sensitive skin!

For his part, Mauricio knows the way to my heart is through chocolate, so he always brings home a dessert or something sweet if he’s been away.

It’s these little, thoughtful, and kind ways that show your partner you are thinking of them, and they don’t have to be expensive, just useful and appreciated.

Acts of Service

This one rates pretty high on our love language list. For me, cooking meals that I know Mauricio would enjoy, as well as doing laundry ( a chore he hates), fall under showing your partner kindness every day.

For Mauricio, making coffee, putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, or getting gas for my car (a chore I despise) are all ways he shows me kindness.

The key for this to be an effective way to connect with your partner is to acknowledge that task every single time. There is no such thing as too many “thank you’s” in our house.

Words of Affirmation

The other day, Mauricio left a sweet note on the coffee pot—the first place I look when I wake up. Those always mean more to me than a pre-written greeting card.

For me, I’ll share a funny photo from my day with F when he is away or make a mental note to tell him something (though, these days, I better write it down before I forget).

Quality Time

I wrote about our weekends before—we’ve divided them up so each of us has time to ourselves but also so that we have quality time as a family.

It’s been most helpful to plan that quality time ahead.

Physical Touch 

What I love about implementing love language techniques into a relationship is that each pillar doesn’t have to involve tremendous amount of effort. For me, a 5-minute foot rub can do wonders for my mood.

For Mauricio, sometimes I’ll pamper him with a pedi or a face mask. That’s how I noticed his sensitive skin. He always had a bit of a razor burn after shaving, and I didn’t even know we could combat that with a specific razor instead of treating his skin.

Gillette® SkinGuard is a great solution thanks to its unique SkinGuard technology positioned between the blades. It’s specifically designed to stop irritation, which Mauricio also loves because it gives him a smooth and clean shave without ending up with razor bumps. A win for both of us, really.

What are some ways you show your partner kindness?


Besos, Alina

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