On Rituals and Coffee Breaks

When I was in my early twenties, one of my favorite rituals was spending an afternoon here. I would get a coffee, a treat and a stack of fashion magazines, and sit for hours reading each issue cover to cover.  It was one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon by myself. Read on for more on rituals and coffee breaks.

on rituals and coffee with barnes and noble
Oh, the freedom of no responsibilities and countless afternoons to yourself. Back then I didn’t even realize what me time was. Because all of my time was mine and my life wasn’t ruled by to-do lists and nap time breaks with microwaved coffee and two-month old magazines.
I should probably stop here to say that I have grown quite accustomed to microwaved coffee and any if at all me time. But, I didn’t cherish those afternoons as much as I would now. Back then I looked at this ritual as research. I focused on being a better writer. It was a way of keeping up with fashion trends pre-social media.
on rituals and coffee with barnes and noble
Now, it would be a welcomed distraction. Walking through our local store the other day reminded me of how special bookstores truly are. How lovely it is to spend a cozy afternoon with a cup of coffee reading a book or a magazine. Because no matter how digitally advanced we get, nothing beats holding a book in your hands or thumping through a magazine, at least for me.
on rituals and coffee with barnes and noble
I also didnt realize that Barnes & Noble has over 100,000 events per year, including a weekly story time for kids and celebrity book signings!

On the day that I visited, the store was celebrating the release of Bethany Mota’s (huge YouTube star and blogger) new book, Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life and Motavation! She also has a few book signings scheduled in June, and so does Chelsea Clinton and John Grisham. Kind of a big deal, who knew?! You can check here for events in your area!

I decided to buy Mota’s book, for further research of course, and will likely read it while sipping on old coffee, but nonetheless keeping a little bit of my ritual and coffee break alive. Do you have a ritual you’d like to get back to?

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Happy reading, everyone!



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