Macy’s Culinary Council Event with Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Next week, I am invited to attend Macy’s Culinary Council Cooking event with Chef Marcus Samuelsson. And, you can come too! [ RSVP here] If you watch a lot of Food Network you will probably recognize Chef Marcus Samuelsson from Iron Chef America and Chopped.

I am sad to report that I haven’t had the opportunity to eat at Red Rooster in Harlem, but attending this event may just top that!

On February 22, at 6pm at Macy’s in Costa Mesa Chef Marcus Samuelsson will be showing us how to make some of his favorite dishes. How amazing is that?

What a way to get inspired in the kitchen again. Lately, I feel like all of  meals have been on repeat. I’m in this culinary rut with a few regulars on the rotations, and I’m so craving some new spices and flavors. I hope Chef Marcus makes some dishes from his latest book based on the his Red Rooster restaurant.

Not a bad night off for me, since Macy’s will also be offering a $10 gift card with any purchase of $45 or more from their Home Department. Plus, you’ll also receive a special gift, as well as a copy of Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s The Red Rooster Cook Book! Maybe, we’ll even get a photo with the Chef.

If you are in SoCal, this event shouldn’t be missed. RSVP for the event here!

If you can’t make it, make sure to follow me on Instagram. I’ll definitely will be storying all of this for you!

Cheers to getting inspired,


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