Kate Spade Inspired DIY Gold Polka-Dot Glasses

My mom loves polka-dot so much that I’d say about 70% of my dresses growing up were polka-dot. Naturally, I grew up hating anything with that pattern. Now though, I can really appreciate the attraction. Can anyone look at a polka-dot and not smile?

That’s how I felt about the gold polka-dot collection by Kate Spade. Maybe it’s because they’re gold and shiny? But these perfectly splattered dots all over the china and glassware collection just made me so happy.

Kate Spade Inspired DIY

So I had to try and DIY these, especially since it only required a gold Sharpie, or any other gold paint pen you can find at Michael’s. A solid paint pen should easily work on glass or porcelain, (if you wanted to try to polka-dot tea cups, which might just be on my list next.)

You can make the circles or dots as big or as small as you like. I went for a more cascading look and didn’t want to take them all the way up to the rim of the glass, so as to not make the glasses toxic. If you want a more pronounced dot, wait an hour or two to go over the circles again.

Kate Spade Inspired DIYgold polka dot wine glasses 1

The trouble with having a pen like this is similar to having a bottle of spray paint. It’s very hard to try and stop yourself from running around the house and looking for more things to dot or spray 🙂

Kate Spade Inspired DIYgold polka dot wine glasses 2

Hope you like this quick and easy DIY and give it a try.



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