June Recap in Quick Bites

We’ve had the gloomiest start to the summer season, but just this weekend finally saw some sun. It’s incredible how a little sunshine lifts your mood. Sharing a few things that lifted my mood this month in hopes you’ll find something that also brings you joy.

Wearing:  Leopard Maxi (Medium)  I Acrylic Clutch 

I’ve gotten very into audio books via Audible. At this stage of life it’s been hard to find the time to read, but I’m getting through several books a month and a few podcasts by listening. My favorite has been to put on a book while cleaning. (For folding laundry, my reward is Bravo!)

If you have a chance give this podcast a listen. I’ve already shared with a few friends and my husband. It’s been so instrumental in helping to reframe thinking around work and friendship and truly everything else. It’s a quick and easy listen.

One of the best books I’ve listened to this year has to be the Next Year in Havana. It’s a captivating story that goes between a grandmother growing up right before the revolution in Cuba and present day Cuba as visited by her granddaughter.

I’ve started to exercise again this month, fairly consistently and stumbled across a great Amazon brand for workout clothes. If you’re in the market I recommend this top, leggings and shorts— I’ve been wearing a rotation of all three and they’re great. I’m in my lululemon mom era without the price tag.

I’ve made two great appetizers repeatedly over the last month. A flatbread with pitches, prosciutto and burrata  and antipasto skewers. See my Instagram story highlights for ingredients and instructions.

I still think a candle is one of the simplest and easiest gifts for someone— lately I’ve been opting for that instead of booze as a housewarming or hosting gift. Here are great recommendations.

If I was to get one thing from the Nordstrom sale, I would pick up a pair of faux leather leggings. They’re just such a great layering piece for fall.

Shop my other picks from the sale here.

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