July Favorites

July was such a sweet month for me. Our baby boy and I settled into something reminiscent of a routine. I carved out time for myself, and I fit into my old jeans. Small victories all around. To celebrate, I thought I would introduce a new series to share some of my favorites things monthly. Here are the July favorites.


A few months ago, I realized I was over 30 and needed a grown woman skincare routine. [Read about it here.] Since then, I’ve slightly adjusted the products I use (update on that coming soon), but I did fall in absolute love with the Philosophy brand. Mainly, their exfoliating wash. I knew exfoliating my skin was a vital component of skin care, but I truthfully did not expect to see actual results. My skin is firmer, skin tone a bit more even and my face is clear and smooth, on most days.


July favorites

I was on a hunt to find mirrored sunglasses, and then scored these on sale at Nordstrom. My bony nose and narrow face make it hard to find great sunglasses, and these are lightweight and comfy to wear. I got the black version, but debating the clear ones, too.

These sandals were hands down my favorite purchase this month. I’ve already got so much wear out of them, and I love pairing them with casual outfits, for a little pop of color.


I have no problem spending on dinner or shoes, but when it comes to other necessities I can be such a cheapskate. Isn’t it weird how we choose to spend our money?

On most days, I shower twice a day, and every single time I wrap myself in a towel, I tell myself that I need new towels, and then I get to the store and go straight to the shoe department. This month, I finally “splurged” on towels. Really lush towels that were on sale!

I spent $20, and these towels literally make me the happiest human after every shower. Why did it take me so long to get something for myself I use every day? Next on the list are pajamas. So guilty of wearing not such cute things to bed. Ugh.


I’m still very much obsessed with matcha lattes, but now I am also steadily whipping up acai bowls and smoothies. I bought these pouches, then I add chia seeds, peanut butter, bananas and almond milk. Top with granola and coconut flakes. [ Find other smoothie recipes here.]


There was a lot of little things I didn’t think about before baby FLO got here. One of them was how to blow a little baby’s nose, because they obviously can’t do it for themselves. This is kind of gross, because you are literally sucking the snot out of your baby, although there is a little sponge that prevents it from going into your mouth.

I use our Nose Frida every day after bath time to clear baby FLO’s nasal passages before bed, and I don’t even remember life without it.

Also, how cute is baby FLO in his trucker hat, with the tiny pineapples?!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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