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In the beginning of every season, I feel like I have nothing to wear. Everything in my closet seems outdated, and it’s hard to get excited about fall when you think that you have nothing to wear. The truth is, though, fashion doesn’t drastically change every year, and I have a full closet of perfectly acceptable fall clothes that are not completely out of style. So what I decided to do instead of throwing out the clothes are already have, is to update my fall wardrobe with a few key trendy pieces, and all of my old favorites from last year, or even the year before will feel new again. Here is how you can also update your fall wardrobe without tossing everything in your closet!



Booties have been popular for a few years now, but this year’s trend is to get booties with fringe. There are a few really cute and affordable options. I’m dying over these, but also know that booties I have in my closet are still in the mix. I like the open-toe look for early fall. Mine are from last year, but I found these similar ones that are super cute.


Beyonce made this happen on her last album, and now we’ve all been wearing flannels or tying them around our waist like an accessory. Personally, I love this trend and so happy that plaid and flannel are still in the mix. I love the classic blue and red mix of this one, and I’m thinking of getting another one because I’m pretty much planning to wear either my flannel or my chambray shirt all fall.

Basic Tee

Part of building my capsule wardrobe includes finding solid color basic tees that I can layer and pair with any outfit. The baby is getting pretty handsy so I need simple and durable tops that can withstand some tugging from baby FLO. Basic tees like this one and this one have been my mom uniform, and v-neck cuts are my most favorite.

Choker Necklace

This is definitely the trend of the season, and I’m kind of into it. Chokers like these are everywhere, and it’s the one item on this list that will instantly update your fall wardrobe. You can have all your last year’s clothes on, but add a choker and you’re in 2016.

By the way, the choker I’m wearing was a quick DIY, which I will share with you guys soon.

Floppy Hat

In my skin care post I talked about keeping a hat on all summer to protect my skin, the other upside of wearing a hat is not having to do or wash your hair. With baby FLO, I don’t always get to style my hair and having a floppy hat around makes me feel a little more put together, instead of just throwing my hair up in a bun. I wore this one mostly in the winter last year, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into fall. I also want to get a lighter one, and maybe spend all fall not washing my hair?

Large Tote Bag

Lately, I’ve been packing a few diapers, wipes, and other baby FLO essentials into my favorite tote. Sometimes you just can’t walk around with a diaper bag all day, and you want your own purse with all the things you need. I used to carry this one for work and loved how soft and plush the faux leather was. Benny also loved it, and chewed it up, so I’m aiming to replace it. Since fringe is so in, I might splurge a little on this one for an updated look.

Moto Jacket

This is another piece that makes it to the capsule wardrobe category for me. I have a black faux leather one, and also a light blush one. It’s such a great layering item for fall and even spring, and both of them have been in heavy rotation last year, and will be this year again. A great moto jacket is so versatile that you can add it to jeans and tee look, or a dress. Also, love a good moto jacket with some booties.

Black Jeans

Definitely a capsule wardrobe item. A good pair of black jeans is so necessary. Because I’m trying to minimize what I’m buying in general, I am opting for black jeans that are not distressed, so I can dress them up or even wear them to a meeting if needed. The distressed look feels too casual. Also, you can wear these all week long without anyone noticing.

These are the staple items that will get me through the fall, if you’re missing some of these shop below for an updated fall wardrobe. Would love to hear how you are updating your look for the fall too!

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    […] with other jewelry is super on trend for fall. It’s also one of the items that can help you update your existing fall wardrobe, so you don’t have to splurge on other big items. You can find chokers everywhere from […]

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    Yesss!!! Perfect look and fall staples for this year!! Love it all!


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      Thanks January!

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