Beach Day Afternoons | Teething Necklace DIY

An easy DIY teething necklace you can make with your toddler out of Cheerios for a fun activity and delicious snack on the go.

cheerios teething necklace

On most days after naptime and lunch,  baby FLO and I head out of the house for errands. He seems to enjoy our runs to the store and other pit stops. But sometimes, I feel guilty that he is always tagging along with me as I rush to complete my to-do list. This mom guilt really has no limits!

So, instead I started to carve out days where we do things that I think would make him happy. Not that he complains, either way. But new surroundings and play areas, or even a beach walk makes us both content.

Besides, Target will always be there next week.

DIY cheerio Necklace for teething baby

Baby FLO might be cute as a button, but he has literally been teething for about six months straight. Do you know what teething toddlers like to do?

Bite. It’s like living with a Walking Dead child, or a baby piranha. He might only have four teeth at the moment, but they feel like tiny little daggers, and even his bare gums have some bruising power.

DIY Cheerio Necklace for teething baby

The only thing that keeps my little biting baby happy is gnawing on something. Sure, he prefers my neck or arm, but I have learned the hard way that having a snack nearby helps all of us keep our limbs and sanity.

Here is how to make a DIY teething necklace out of Cheerios:


  • Multi-Grain Cheerios
  • Three bowls (for sorting the multi-grains by light to dark shades)*
  • Twine
  • Scissors

*If you’re in a time crunch, you certainly do not have to sort your Cheerios. But, I find the sorting kind of therapeutic and it makes for a prettier necklace.

DIY Cheerios necklace for teething


  1. Cut the twine to the size of the necklace you’d like, leaving room to make a simple tie when finished. You can sort the Cheerios if you purchased the multi-grain cereal, or just regular Cheerios will do just fine.
  2. Slide the Cheerios on to the necklace. Stop once your twine is half full. This is definitely the portion of the DIY teething necklace your toddler can help with.
  3. Next, cut the twine, tie the strings into the necklace and let your toddler wear his edible creation.

DIY Cheerios Necklace for teething baby

Baby FLO got into the action by eating some of the cereal and then mixing up my bowls!  But it’s really great

pincer grasp exercise for him, and he really enjoys placing objects into bowls or drawers.

DIY Cheerio Necklace for teething baby

Once the necklace was complete, we headed to the beach to enjoy our day together, and not worry about

the laundry or food shopping.

DIY Cheerio Necklace for teething Baby

DIY Cheerio Necklace for baby

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DIY Cheerio Necklace for teething toddler

We watched the boats and also the surfers, and it was a good day.

*This post was originally written in partnership with General Mills, all opinions are mine alone.