Getting Your Style Groove Back After Baby

casual basics for everyday style

A few months back a sweet friend reached out and asked how I managed to get back into a style groove after having a baby. She was almost a year post-partum and was in a style funk and sick of everything in her closet. Can’t we all relate to that, regardless of whether we had a baby! So I thought I’d share a few tips that helped me. I hope that these inspire you to get motivated about the way you dress after having a baby, or just after a style rut. Sometimes, we just get caught up in life and forget to check in with ourselves. Forget to take the steps we need to feel good everyday. For me, my dressing is just an extension of what makes me feel good. Read on for more on getting your style groove back after baby.

Also, if you’ve never been about style, a baby won’t change that or maybe they will. Anything is possible and we are all always evolving and changing. But, if you were like me a stiletto wearing fool with a mind set of fashion over comfort—there is hope for you yet!

casual basics for stylish mom
Accept the Changes

One of the hardest things about getting your style groove back after a baby or just in general is realizing that your body has changed. It’s not only about gaining a few lbs, it’s also about fit. Regardless if you had a baby or not, your body isn’t the 20 year old body you once had. Unless of course you are still 20. Now in my mid-thirties, the number on the scale might not be too far off, but the fit of my clothes is definitely different.

So, my advice is to accept the changes to your body, and realize that you may need to invest in few key pieces that fit well. Don’t try to squeeze into your old jeans, instead buy new jeans that fit great and most of all comfortably. Recently, I switched to high waisted jeans and after the baby also got into a new brand that I always find on sale. Target is also coming out with some amazing denim. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune. Just focus on the fit.

We’re also super lucky that any jean style is currently in, from boyfriend to bootleg to raw hem. Get comfy and stylish jeans you feel good in and that will help you get dressed in the morning, and get out of the leggings and yoga pants.

Though, sometimes yoga pants are totally acceptable, just not when you’re trying to make yourself feel stylish and hip!

basics you love for everyday chic style

Make Yourself a Priority

These days, I may not be getting dressed to go to the office, but I still realized that I need to wake up and put myself together. How do I make it happen with a toddler around? To be honest, I just let the mayhem whirl around me. I know that I’m a better mama if I put on some makeup and brush my hair.

Have my lipsticks been eaten? Yes. Have toys been dumped into a toilet while “I’m getting pretty”? You bet. It’s pure chaos, but only for about a half hour.

I also think it’s important for F to understand that we make our bed, get dressed and brush our teeth and hair, and then mom puts on  makeup. It’s now part of our routine and I don’t feel that I’m sacrificing some precious time, because he is right next to me learning that self-care is important.

dressing for the momlife

Dressing for the Mom Life

Style wise I had to let a few things go. One of those were heels—not forever, but for the daily mom life. It’s just not practical and not comfortable for anyone. So instead, I found a few pairs that are still stylish but also easy for me to chase a toddler in. I’m a big fan of loafers. How cute are these for spring? Easy to slide in and they immediately make you look well put together.

And my favorite most recent purchase have been these faux sneakers slide ons from Target.  I’ve been living in these on the daily. I’m also not anti sneakers. A cute pair of nikes with a motto jacket is such a cute weekend or casual look!

Low cut shirts and also button ups are not practical for me, but I’m loving peplum tops and also cute tees.

Bag wise I also look for purses that are either backpacks or can be worn crossbody—because I need two hands at all times. This backpack  in white is on my list for summer, and it’s under $30 from Target!

getting your style groove back after baby

casual basics for everyday style

Dressing for Yourself

I don’t want to give up on low-cut blouses and heels forever, which is why I try to plan an outing for myself at least once a month. Whether date night, a blogger event or a night out with a girlfriend, it gives me the chance to buy and wear fun clothes clothes.

A few new blouses and you’ll feel excited about your wardrobe again. I  just got  this one in blush.  It would work for the office as well as a night out.

Make it Simple

For now, my motto is to make it simple. I find a few cute pieces to add to my wardrobe, like a blouse or cute tee. But for the most part, I invest in basics I can recycle in various ways. Like this bodycon tank dress. If I’m heading to the park I can pair with a denim jacket and sneaks, or if I’m heading to a meeting a motto jacket or a blazer with booties. Versatile, simple pieces that fit well are key to building a wardrobe.

It’s easy to stare at your closet and feel deflated about what’s in there. I think we all feel that way. (Maybe not Victoria Beckham, but us, real girls.) The key to getting your style groove back after baby is being comfortable, finding simple pieces that work and give up the idea that you have to still have to fit into your old digs.

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    I love this super cute babe!! I feel it can be hard after having a baby, but getting back into fashion is a sure way to help confidence!!

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    Super cute jacket, but loving all the details of this outfit, thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks for reading! You’ve probably seen me in that jacket at least five times!

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