Five Houseplants You Won’t Kill

Love the look of plants at home but don’t have a green thumb? Here is a list of indoor plants you can’t kill.

I love having a home filled with potted plants. But unlike my mom, I wasn’t blessed with a natural green thumb. So my solution was to find indoor plants that could survive under my careless, yellowish thumb.

Indoor plants that would thrive, even when I forgot to water them regularly, and grow despite a lack of direct sunlight. If these houseplants didn’t die under me, you won’t kill them either.


Here are the Best Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Plants bring life and beauty to the home, they’re natural humidifiers, that actually have the power to reduce stress and elevate mood, so if you’ve been nervous about adding houseplants to your home, try these easy going guys.


Snake Plant

Five Houseplants You Won't Kill 2












Snake plants can grow in indirect sunlight and you don’t need to water them too much. It’s actually better to let this plant dry out between waterings, so it’s totally fine if you forgot about it for a week, or two.



Five Houseplants You Won't Kill










It’s really hard to kill a philodendron, especially if you sit it next to a window for some indirect sun and water it conservatively once a week.

Spider Plant

Five Houseplants You Won't Kill 4










Spider plant is one of the most adaptable of houseplants. It likes cooler temperatures, a little light and not too much water.


Five houseplants you won't kill 5










Dieffenbachia likes well-drained moist soil, but not a soggy one. It doesn’t need too much light, but it’s a good idea to rotate the plant occasionally, so that light reaches the plant on all sides, and it prevents it from reaching toward the light on one side.

Parlor Palm

five houseplants you won't kill 7












Few palms make good houseplants, but the Parlor palm’s tolerance for lack of light and low humidity makes it perfect for being an indoor plant. [ Ikea sells these!]

If you’re still not ready to commit to a potted plant, check out how to keep cut flowers alive for longer, because having green in your home is a natural mood booster.

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