Favorite Things From December

Before we dive right into the New Year and chat all about our aspirations and goals, I wanted to reflect on favorite things from December. It’s the kind of month that goes by way too quickly and with way too many events. It started to feel  like if I didn’t take a minute to remember what we did this month it would disappear from my memory bank which wouldn’t be fair because it was a very good month. The final chapter of the most challenging and rewarding year of our lives. So, I thought I’d share at least one of my favorite moments from the month. . [Scroll down for a giveaway!]

This month started with Mauricio’s birthday. He doesn’t think so, but he is a very difficult person to surprise or buy for, mostly because he always wants the same thing, but it’s impossible for me to get it. A surfer always wants a new wetsuit, board or surf trip. And when someone doesn’t surf, they have no idea where to possibly buy those things. So, I go for the second thing he always wants, which is our time.


Mauricio travels for work, so we really come to cherish our weekends. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that baby FLO and I surprised him with this beautiful, wood watch from JORD! A new travel case, and a visit to one of his favorite breweries in San Diego. We planned to drive to LA later in the day to have lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, Fogo de Chao. We actually had our first ‘official’ date at their Philadelphia location, so it’s a special place for us. Plus they make the best caipirinha cocktail on the planet, amazing all you can eat Brazilian meat of course, and a dreamy salad bar. You seriously can’t go wrong bringing anyone there.


I’m really proud at how well we have adjusted to bringing the baby with us. A lot of this definitely has to do with the fact that baby FLO loves car rides. Usually within 10 minutes he is snoozing. I know that’s a blessing, because not every baby likes to be in the car.

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Baby FLO also loves to be around people. When we are out he is less fussy and smiles and waves at strangers, so I actually like taking him out of the house. Now that he is eating solids, he always wants to try whatever we are eating. French fries make his little brown eyes sparkle with incredible joy, but other things not so much.

We can typically get through any meal if we have these puffs on hand. As long as we have those to give him, he is pretty content. Banana flavor is the baby’s favorite, but Mau and I like sweet potato—because we end up eating them half the time too…

It was a great day, and a fun way to spend time together. At the end of the day, it isn’t really about the gift which we stress so much about, especially during the holidays. It’s really about the time we spend with each other. But, every time I look down at Mau’s wrist I’ll remember our special birthday outing.

Giveaway Alert

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