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When we first moved into our home, we bought most of our furniture in one sweep with the exception of the guest bedroom. I saved that space for all the DIY projects I wanted to do, and refused to buy brand new furniture.

Then, I spotted a wicker dresser at a yard sale and took it home with me for $50 bucks, painting it cobalt blue. Now, it was finally time to put some finishing touches on this beauty (I’m still obsessing over this gorgeous bold color), and upgrade it with spanking new handles and fancy drawer liners.

Since this was an older piece of furniture, adding drawer liners really makes the dresser feel clean and new again, not to mention fancy and cute.

As all my DIY projects, this one is a breeze and requires hardly any skill, and only about a 20 minutes of your time.

how to make drawer liners 4

I found the wrapping paper ($2.29) and the gorgeous handles ( 4 for $6.99) at Home Goods. I then purchased double sided tape at Michael’s.

To make drawer liners , you need to measure your drawer. I flipped the drawer over and lined my paper on the outer edges of the drawer. Then I cut allowing for some extra space.

how to make drawer liners 1

Once cut to size, place the paper inside the drawer and carefully mold the paper to the drawer, creasing the extra paper. Pop the paper out of the drawer and cut on the crease.

how to make drawer liners 2

To secure the paper, I simply added double sided tape to the back of the paper. This way the changes you make are not permanent and you can update the paper.

how to make drawer liners 3

The dresser feels so new and upgraded, now if I can only keep myself from overstuffing it. #Storageproblems

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