DIY Wire Hanger Christmas Wreath

Joan Crawford would probably roll over in her grave, but I made this Christmas wreath out of a wire hanger. The total cost of this DIY was $10. I paid $6 for the ribbon, which I made into the bow and I also purchased a Christmas bouquet from Trader Joe’s at $4.99. I only used half of the ribbon and only a few strands from the bouquet, so really it feels like this DIY Christmas wreath was free, right?

If you have a wire hanger and leftover ornaments, you can make the DIY Wire Hanger Christmas Wreath in about 10 minutes. I used this tutorial to help me get the hang of using a wire hanger (no pun intended), as my base for the ornaments, and this tutorial to build the bow.

It’s a lot easier if you have plastic ornaments, because I broke two balls which were glass. Also make sure the ornaments are properly attached to their hanging tops, so they hold on tightly to the wire.

I also like the idea of the oversized bow because it helps hide how these items are hung together. In the tutorial, it’s suggested you can simply twist the wire right back into the hanger, but I couldn’t. Instead I made a loop and used that to hang the wreath. I also bound the greenery together and then attached it to the wreath. Covering all the not so pretty fuss with the giant bow.

Wire Hanger Christmas Wreath

Now, on to the next holiday festivity—making latkes and brisket for Hanukkah. I’m just a sucker for all the holidays 🙂



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