Holiday Craft Idea: DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

Fun to make this DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes are also one of the easiest holiday craft ideas you can make as a keepsake or give out as gifts.

There is something so magical about snow globes, and recently I was so excited to learn that it’s pretty easy to make your own using a Mason Jar and just a few basic items from a craft store.

Isn’t everything in a Mason jar these days?

So jumping on the bandwagon, these glittery DIY Mason jar snow globes are among the easiest holiday craft ideas to make. They also make for a fun decorative item or a gift.


Here is what you need to make the Mason Jar Snow Globes:

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  • Mason jar
  • Plastic toy, tree or anything else you want to have inside the “globe”
  • Waterproof glue
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin

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Here is how to put your Mason Jar Snow Globes together:

  1. Using waterproof glue, glue your trees or animals, or other toys to the inside lid of the Mason jar. Let dry completely. I found the miniature trees at Michael’s. I also found a plastic nutcracker ornament, so you can really have some fun with what you place in your “globe.”
  2.  Fill your Mason jar with water, glitter of your choice, and a few generous drops of glycerin to make the glitter fall more slowly.




3. Assemble your snow globe by placing the lid on the jar and then screwing the cap on.

4. Now, turn over and shake!

5. If you want to give this as a gift, you could add twine and a little sign to make the globe a bit more special.



Hope you get a chance to make this, I haven’t been able to walk by mine without giving it a shake, and each time it makes me smile.


Shop Amazon for All the Supplies You Need

( affiliate links)