DIY marbled clay decorative plates

Create beautiful catch all  dishes for your home or give them away as gifts,

with this simple DIY marbled clay decorative plates tutorial.

DIY marbled clay dish


My love affair with small decorative plates isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

I love adding unique trays and small catch all dishes throughout the house.


DIY marbled dish clay small plates


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diy decorative marbled plates


This DIY marbled clay decorative plates tutorial is  so easy DIY and you could make several

of them at a time. They would make wonderful gifts for the holidays or party favors.

Or you can buy a bunch of clay and invite your ladies over for a little wine and DIY party.

Diy decorative small plates out of clay


 It’s fascinating how different each one comes out and the marbling effect

is just gorgeous, isn’t it? The little dusting of gold on the trim really seals the deal.

I can’t get enough of these cuties. Hope you try to make your own.


marbled clay dish 4


How to Make DIY Marbled Clay Decorative Plates


  • 3 varieties/colors of oven baked clay
  • X-Acto knife
  • Small oven safe bowl
  • Gold liguid gilding paint and brush
  • rolling pin
  • large can or jar to trace


  1. Roll each color of clay that you want to use into a snake about 5″ long. For example,  make two larger rolls of white, a medium roll of grey, a small roll of any color you’re using, and then an extra small roll of black.

2. You basically want enough total clay to roll out a 6″ circle, but don’t worry about getting exact amount of one color or another,           even if you use the same recipe every time, each dish will look different.

    3. Combine the smaller rolls into one big roll and twist together. Think candy cane look.

    4. Once it’s twice the length, fold the snake in half and twist the two ends together, as a result it should look like a braid.   Repeat          the rolling, folding, twisting, and  rolling again process 2-3 times.

    5. Smoosh all the clay into a ball. You want to see most of your colors on the surface of the ball, so pull the ball in half and re-               smoosh together if you don’t.

    6. Use a rolling pin to roll out your marbled ball.


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    7. The colors should blend together and create a marbled pattern as you roll over it. Try rolling different directions, from the                edge, from the center, etc. to push the clay from different angles. Roll to 1/4″ thick.

    8. Use a round item about 6″ wide as a template and cut out your dish circle with an X-Acto.

    9.  Place your circle gently into an oven-safe bowl or ramekin that is a little smaller than your circle so it will sag a little in the                center and give you more of a dish shape.

10. Bake the bowl according to the temperature on the clay package (mine was 15 minutes at 275°F).

11. Remove the bowl from the oven and allow the clay to cool before turning the larger bowl upside down and tapping lightly until            the clay dish falls out.

   12. Next, when the clay is completely cool, use a small brush to paint the rim of the dish, remember to allow the paint to dry.




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