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easy weekend bbq entertaining ideas

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I used to be into sit down dinner parties, but these days a backyard BBQ is more my speed. I love having friends and family over without the pressure of serving a full course dinner. It feels more intimate and comfortable and that’s also how we keep the drinks and menu. Easy and simple. Read on for more on casual entertaining. 

easy bacyard appetizers

Backyard BBQ, Soccer, & Trivento Wine!

One of my favorite things about a casual backyard bbq is that you can simply prepare everything ahead of time, and then leave it out so that everyone can serve themselves.

Same goes for wine. I like to have a few bottles of Trivento Wine on hand, preferably a red and a white. My favorites are the Malbec and a White Orchid Reserve Torrontes. Can’t please everyone, but having both usually does!

summer grilling with trivento wine

The Appetizers

To make it easy on myself I like to make a big batch of guacamole, and also a veggie crudite with a spinach dip. During the summer months I think everyone is trying to keep it healthy, so I stay away from cheese plates and breads.

The guac and the veggies are also great for the hot temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about appetizers melting.

grilling in the backyard

The Grilling

Maybe my favorite thing about backyard entertaining and keeping things casual is that Mauricio has to do the heavy lifting. The grilling. I leave that all up to him.

Typically, he marinates a big tri-tip and we also like to grill veggies and corn.

I pour a big glass of  Trivento Wine Malbec for Mauricio and he gets to work!

The Sides

This time around I made my Mexican Corn Salad, I typically also like to do a potatoes or a potato salad.

soccer and wine party

The Entertainment

At our house, the TV is always tuned to soccer, which seems to be a perfect fit since Trivento Wine is the official wine of MLS. Since we are such a huge soccer family, everyone eventually makes their way to the couch to enjoy the game!

How do you casually entertain?


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