Better Self Care in the New Year with Philosophy’s New Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix for Eyes

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Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, it seems most of my conversations with other women turn to talk about products and creams meant to combat wrinkles and aging. We’re all trying to preserve our youth and find the new miracle product. I’ve written a few posts now about skin care routines, but the most difficult part of taking care of my skin hasn’t been finding the perfect treatment. [Check out more about my skincare routine for a woman in her 30s ] That part is over thanks to Philosophy’s New Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix for Eyes. It’s actually taking the time for self-care. I want to be the kind of woman that sits at her vanity in the evenings meticulously applying creams and lotions. Instead of barely brushing my teeth before collapsing into bed. Read on for my plans for better self-care in the New Year.

The best anti-aging eye care, new from Philosophy the Ultimate Miracle Worker for the Eyes. Best skin care routine for women in their 30s #skincareroutine #antiaging #makeup #beautyblog #topeyecream

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Even though I don’t actually have a vanity, what I have decided to do is introduce an evening routine into my life. We spend so much time creating a night routine for babies, why not do it for ourselves?

When Philosophy asked me to test out their new Ultimate Fix for Eyes for 12 days (using the eye treatment 2x a day), I took it as an opportunity to carve out the time for self-care. Surprisingly, it was quite easy. Using the eye treatment helped me take the time to really wash my face, examine my skin and do some grooming rituals. In the last few years I really noticed how deep the laugh lines around my eyes have become. Even though this means I smile a lot, they still bother me a little.

The best anti-aging eye care, new from Philosophy the Ultimate Miracle Worker for the Eyes. Best skin care routine for women in their 30s #skincareroutine #antiaging #makeup #beautyblog #topeyecream

Consumer testing  suggested you’d see a difference overnight. I didn’t. But, after about 6 or 7 days I did notice that the wrinkles around my eyes weren’t as deep, which made me really excited to continue to use this product. After 12 days I am happy to report that it really does look like I have fewer wrinkles, and the fine lines around my eyes have definitely softened.

This little change has made a huge overall difference in how I look, and less people asking me if I’m tired! You can find Philosophy’s New Ultimate Fix for Eyes on their site,

I love Philosophy’s wellbeing brand overall.  I am also a big fan of their Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash and use it daily. It’s also a philanthropic brand, and gives so much back to our community.

I put together a small checklist for myself that I hope can guide me into taking better care of myself in the New Year. What I realized over the last year is that finding the right product is only half the battle.


Steps to Better Self Care in the New Year

So, first is continuing with my night routine, and also morning routine. I noticed I feel better and am generally in a better mood if I actually get dressed, and put on makeup and brush my hair. Even if I’m only making it to the playground and the grocery store, taking the time to put myself together helps me feel good, like my ultimate self.

Continuing to carve out time to exercise is always going to be challenging, but with planning ahead I can make it happen at least twice if not once a week. I feel better not only physically after a workout, but also mentally. It’s such a great stress reliever and also a good stimulant for a good mood. I get the same rush of happiness when I find a designer bag on sale.

Which leads me to another self care must. Alone time. Time spent not catering to others, not working, not on the phone. Whether it’s a walk or a bath, not getting lazy on that Sunday night to treat myself is going to be worth it when I don’t have the same luxury during the week.

better self care in the new year

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What are some of the ways that you plan on taking better care of yourself this year? Please share! I’m always looking for inspiration and advice.



Disclaimer: ultimate miracle worker eye fix is a  super-targeted, supertasking eye treatment. if you aren’t an experienced user of advanced ingredients (high potency retinols, vitamin c, etc.), we recommend introducing the product gradually. initially every other day, then every day, then twice a day. discontinue use if any irritation occurs.


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