Best Amazon Finds of the Month August 2020

amazon finds august 2020

Sharing best Amazon finds of the month with you, from our new blender to the very best sports bra.

amazon finds august 2020

New Kitchen Purchases

  1. This month we purchased the Ninja Blender. It was simply time to update our old one, but this new blender is now my favorite purchase of the month for the simple reason that you can press the blend button and walk away, and the machine blends on its own. It’s also quite bigger than our original one, so we can make one smoothie for the entire family.
  2. We use Isopure Protein to make our smoothies. It has zero carbs, tastes delicious and we can’t say enough about the cookies and cream flavor.
  3. We already have one of these Yeti mugs, but since getting our new coffee machine we started to make babyccinos ( baby + cappuccino aka warm frothy milk with a tiny bit of coffee) F has started to steal my mug.

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Purchases that Make Life Better

  1. I bought this reflexology foot massager on a whim because it had over 10,000 reviews and for under $20 it’s a fun little gadget to have. I keep it under the couch and roll it out for a few minutes each night. Loving it so far.
  2. I stopped using air fresheners in the bathroom and switched to poo-pourri a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite bathroom items, and I was glad to find it on Amazon.
  3.  F and I both have allergies and with a new baby coming it was really time to step up our home air quality. This air purifier is our splurge of the month.

Kid Games & Activities Buys

  1.  These Picasso Magnet tiles were initially a gift for F when he turned 3 and we still truly enjoy these magnet tiles. Since receiving them as a gift, I have paid it forward by gifting these every chance I get.
  2.  A friend introduced me to these no mess coloring pages and I picked up a few more. These are perfect to take with us to restaurants or for travel, because the markers only work on the specific paper, and it’s a lightweight easy entertaining item to carry with us on the go.
  3.  We ordered this art case last week and F has been carrying it around with him everywhere. Markers, glitter, pencils and coloring pages keep him entertained for hours. Total parents win.

Amazon Fashion Buys

  1. If you are heavy on the top, I cannot say enough about this sports bra. It has made all the difference for me when exercising, especially now that I’m expecting again.
  2. This is a really great dupe for the popular Bottega Veneta Pouch. I love it for an easy way to dress up an ordinary outfit and it’s a great way to add a trendy item to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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