Beach, baby & gratitude

Our weekend started late Friday afternoon, with an appointment for baby FLO’s 4 month check up. Time is really flying by, and standing still at the same time.  We are so lucky to have a healthy and happy baby.

This weekend we didn’t have any big plans, just beach, baby & [ cafe] gratitude.

Cafe Gratitude 1

After the visit to the pediatrician, we went for a quick bite around the corner to Cafe Gratitude. We drove by it for months, and finally had a chance to check out this beautiful vegetarian and vegan chain.

What’s really fun about their menu (and totally Californian), is the names of the drinks and the dishes.

I’m on a matcha kick at the moment, so I tried theirs, which called Vibrant on their menu. Mauricio got their green juice or Energized. We split the eggplant parm sandwich, Awesome on the menu and the southern soul food sampler, or Resolved.

Our server looked at me and said, “You’re vibrant and awesome,” and then to Mau, “You’re  energized and resolved.” Not a bad way to start the weekend, right?

tips for taking baby to the beach

On to Saturday, it was beach day with the baby. Living 10 minutes from the ocean leaves us with little excuse not to get to the beach. The first time, I was nervous to bring the baby, but I think it was actually relaxing for him and we’ve been making beach trips almost weekly for a while now. So, I thought I would also share a few things that have made these trips to the beach with a baby a breeze.

Once we got this, it became much easier for us to bring baby FLO. It’s lightweight, super quick to set up and it’s big enough for baby and I to fit inside comfortably to nurse/feed, or just get some shade from the sun. Baby FLO has even comfortably napped inside of it.

I also bring my baby carrier, this way I have my hands free to carry other things, and it’s also nice to strap baby FLO and walk around with him a bit.

tips for taking baby to the beach 1

One of the best decisions I made, was to get this diaper bag, because it’s basically a backpack, it’s so much easier to carry it, and it’s dad friendly. I’m also considering getting this one, to switch things up. (It’s getting a bit boring carrying the same diaper bag around.)

On Sunday I took a #mombreak. I’m not sure if that’s officially a thing, but it’s going to be one at my house.

I also decided this #mombreak will not be spent on doing anything productive for the house or even myself. It’s not an hour to exercise or get food shopping done.

I came up with this as I was driving myself to my favorite local park that overlooks the bay, with intent to go for a run.

But then, I somehow ended up going to a pressed juicery and getting their frozen pressed juice “yogurt.”
I still went to my favorite park and walked, bumping my headphones super loud. It felt so good to not make lists in my head, and to just take a break.

Even though I didn’t exactly run, I still got to clear my head and wear my new dry-fit Nike tights, which I got on huge sale at Nordstrom’s (it’s still going on by the way, and the deals are so great!) It makes such a difference to wear dry-fit, especially when it’s nearly 90 degrees outside, even by the coast.

I  got some new sneakers. To me, new clothes or shoes is the best motivation for exercising. These are similar to mine and are on sale. I’m also thinking about getting this pair. That roses pattern is so cute and different.

It was nice to have a weekend without any obligations or plans. I’m still full of gratitude for this easy going weekend, and the introduction of #mombreak.

Happy Monday,


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