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This one is all about the eyes—This has been a popular topic on my Instagram DMs so I thought it deserved a permanent spot on the blog. Read on for  why I threw out all of my eye makeup and why I’m taking a completely new approach to eye care. 

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I came across this video by Erica Taylor ( a must follow for makeup over 40), and it finally clicked. I cannot keep doing my makeup and skincare the same way in my 40s as I did in my 20s and even 30s.

My eyeliner wing was simply not working. It was a disaster and I kept buying different liners before finally realizing: My eyes have changed.  Specifically the skin around my eyes have softened.

Here are a few key things that in my opinion, have made a difference. My eyes look refreshed and vibrant. So I thought in today’s post I’ll share all about eyes from skincare to makeup and a little in between.

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*affiliate links

First—Let’s talk eye care

  1. One of the best things I started using regularly are eye drops.

It seems like such a small thing, but it was great impact on my appearance overall. When the white of your eyes truly pops you appear more awake and younger. On special occasions I splurge on the good stuff.

While expensive, these drops truly make a difference. If you have family photos coming up I would highly recommend these.

  1. My second weapon against tired and old eyes are these patches. I talked about them many times before, and while they’re not a miracle worker they do help.

Pro tip: keep them in the fridge (!)

  1. I avoid heavy alcohol and water before bed. The alcohol dries out my face and water makes my under eye more puffy. Small, free thing you can do to appear younger.

  2. Caffeine. My best little find has to be this depuffing eye serum for under $10. I also switch between this eye gel and a brightening cream —I find a little goes a long way under a good concealer.

Make up & Playing up Features

  1. Bushy eyebrows and thick long eyelashes are a sign of youth, so I started to use this serum again. I can’t wait to start to see results.

  2. I switched to brown liner & mascara. I found that it creates a softer appearance overall. I think as we age, the harshness of the black liner and mascara can be too much. The brown mascara and liner help accentuate the eyes without harshness. I think this might have been another tik tok tip I’ve adopted.

Shop My Finds for Best Eye Make Up & Eye Care for over 40

*affiliate links

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