Taking personal days and buying clothes for daily life instead of aspirational impulse purchases —sharing favorite budget buys and splurge worthy items that fit daily life.

Sunday Personal Day

I took a personal day this week and it was exactly what I needed. I learned recently that I am triggered by noise. It turns out sensory overload is completely normal in parenting, as our auditory system is always switched on to keep our children safe. This also means that our auditory system is always overloaded, and I am the kind of person that likes and needs a lot of quiet.

I also have a running monologue in my head, along with a to do list and wish list and creative list of things I want to see, go and do and it’s hard for me to find enough alone quiet time to feel connected to myself again. I’ve been more snappy than usual so I knew that after parenting solo for a few days, I needed a recharge day.

I made a note in our shared calendar and took from 1pm-4pm as personal time—with no idea what I wanted or needed to do.

I knew I wanted to get back to blogging regularly. Even if no one reads blogs anymore. It’s a creative outlet for me and a capsule of what I’m currently into. I planned to do some work at a coffee shop and then maybe get a pedicure. But then, I thought of something a million times better.

I went to a foot spa. If you’ve never been I highly recommend—especially if you like massages and pedicures. I bet if you google “foot spa”  you will find several places near you. It’s a no frills in and out quick style massage place usually in a common area. You don’t have to make a day out of it. You don’t even have to take clothes off or change. You simply walk in, and someone gives you a very thorough foot rub, a little hand, arm and shoulder rub and you’re all set.

It’s inexpensive and a perfect way to restart the week. If you can’t get to a foot spa this week, I highly recommend investing in a massage gun and some quiet time. It’s hands down on of our favorite gifts for each other.

Aspirational Buying vs What I’m Really Wearing


Last year I made a promise to myself to buy clothes that fit my lifestyle now. I think a lot of us are guilty of aspirational buying—the clothes we would wear or clothes we want to be wearing when—and then they hang in our closet and we forget about them and still feel like we have nothing to wear.

So I thought I’d share some purchases that I’ve made recently that have been on repeat. I do like to invest in quality pieces, but I also find that sometimes we are simply paying for the name and not quality.


Lately, I found an amazing Amazon tote that comes with a little pouch and frankly, I love it more than the original item that inspired it. I also found a great Birkenstock dupe option. (the Birkenstock color that I wanted has been sold out) and to be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d wear them often or that the style would last, but I found myself reaching for them a lot.


Another great buy have been my h&m cardigans. They’re all oversize (as the current trend) but I would size down. I find them to be great quality and perfect to throw on to complete any outfit.

I’ve also been living in Target graphic tees. They’re just so easy to throw on. My latest is the Schitt’s Creek Apothecary tee  sized up to a XXL for an oversized big t shirt feel. I would also check out men’s target t shirt section for more graphic tee options.

A few splurge worthy buys have been my alo yoga pants. They’re worth every penny not only because of the fabric quality but how it withstands almost a weekly wash and still retains its shape and sheen.

And my most recent buy was the Mango coatigan. I absolutely love it. It’s a great piece to throw on when you want to look a little more put together—or a great coat to wear out with evening wear for date nights. It’s so versatile, comfortable and chic. It runs a little oversized so I would order your normal sweater size.


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