20 Things for 2020 My Goals for the New Year

This year I didn’t make a resolution, and I didn’t pick a word that would represent the year.

Instead, I made a list of 20 things for 2020 my goals for the New Year.

Basically, everything that I want to focus on and improve upon.

20 things for 2020 my goals for the year

Winter White Style

 Cream turtleneck (Amazon fashion find)// Topshop jeans (old but similar pair and on sale here)

//bag (Zac Posen) // New Vince Camuto booties now 30% off )


Like everyone else, I feel a lot of pressure to create my goals for the New Year or make a resolution. But this year, I decided to allow myself the month of January to really think about the year ahead, and it was much more helpful.

There is already so much to stress out about in November and December that adding the pressure of listing accomplishments before the year starts felt overwhelming.

So I took a beat.

And now, I have a pretty solid list which I plan to print out and reference as needed.

Hope you find my 20 things  helpful, and I’d love to hear what are some of your goals for 2020.


 My Goals for the New Year / 20 Things for 2020


It sounds so simple, but sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to remake yourself as a morning person, but I am determined to do it.

F is still a super early riser, we’re talking 5 am here, so sleeping in isn’t an option, and getting the rest is so much better for my body and helps avoid night time snacking.

It’s a total win/win, and I really need to get better at taking myself to bed as dutifully as I do my toddler.


I’ve done a pretty good job of this in 2019, and I plan on sticking to my yogalates and strength classes.

I find that not only do I like how I feel physically after exercise, but also mentally. It’s a very good reset for myself.


There are a few things around the house that I’ve been putting off, but as our needs change and F grows up, our little house needs to change too.

Currently working on transforming F’s room to a big boy room and also adding some photos and other decorative pieces to our space.


This should probably come before any redecorating can happen, but I have already started to go through the house, one drawer at a time and tossing things.

Most recently I re-organized our monster of a kitchen utensil drawer with these dividers from Amazon and I feel like I new woman, and I can’t wait to keep going.


My to-do list was getting out of control. And, at the end of the day, I felt deflated and frustrated that I haven’t crossed more items off the list.

I didn’t realize that the issue was me being unrealistic about what I can actually complete in one day.

My new planner outlines only three goals for each day, and that is my new standard for myself.

Now, I prioritize three things for each day.  This shift has made a tremendous difference in how I feel at the end of each day.


Of course social media is a huge part of running my blog and business, but just like everyone else I get caught up aimlessly scrolling, and worse I start playing the evil comparison game.

And while at times social media really helps brew my creative juices, too much of it  also kills them. Less scrolling and procrastinating would definitely do me more good this year.


I started a tradition with F to visit our local library, which is right down the street from our house.

And I’m embarrassed to admit that I last time I borrowed a book, I had to return it before I had chance to read it.

Part of a new routine I’d really like to start is early bed time, phone off and reading in bed.


When I lived alone I got into a habit of putting the tv on for background noise, and now I still seem to be doing the same thing, especially in the evenings.

Mau will fall asleep on the couch, and I’ll keep binge-watching for no reason, and totally regret it later.


I’ve never been great at drinking enough water, but I have been working on it. One of the things that really helps is having a hydro flask, and I do carry it with me everywhere.

It’s also good for weight management, because most of the time when your body tells you it’s hungry it’s actually thirsty.


We’ve been pretty good about creating day dates while F is at school, but those midday lunches are often rushed and are pencilled in between meetings. Also, I don’t get to dress up for a proper night out.

In the new year, I am going to work on finding a steady babysitter and maybe a standing date night once a month.

We love being parents and going out with F, but we also need the time alone to stay connected without having to be parents.


I hardly saw my girlfriends in 2019, or kept up with those that are far away and it made for a rather lonely year. I need a girls night out once in a while just as much as I need date nights.

So again, making an effort to reach out to friends and schedule dinners, happy hours or coffee dates even if it has to be months in advance.

Last week I met up with a friend for lunch, caught up with my bestie for an hour on the phone and also joined a friend for a happy hour drink.

That might have been overkill to do in one week, but it was very rewarding to know I still have friends, it’s just that everyone is busy and scheduling time takes real effort.


I’m a big believer in less is more when it comes to clothes and jewelry and as I get older I find that I constantly reach for the same items. I also love wearing the same pieces but in a different way.

Last year I allowed myself a few trendy pieces, but mostly kept my quality staples in heavy rotation.

Another rule that I have implemented is the one for one.

I just replaced a pair of beige booties that I’ve had for over 4 years with a new pair. (To make room in my closet for the new pair, I actually tossed three pairs of other booties. (Didn’t toss, but donated, and send one I don’t wear to my sister). 


For the most part I have done a lot to cut down on plastic and paper use in our house. We have reusable straws for smoothies and reusable zip lock bags. I use glass storage containers, we wash our laundry with cold water and run the dish washer sparingly.

My goal for this year is to eliminate paper towels and plastic wrap —still working on figuring those swaps out.

See my post for my best Amazon Find of 2019 for more of these reusable finds. 


Last year I got an IPL laser and a facial it was one of the best investments I’ve made in my skin care.

I came to the conclusion that no matter how much anti-aging serums I use, they cannot replace these skin care treatments.

I definitely plan on doing another laser treatment this year. I’m still holding out on botox and fillers for now.


We made a pack last year to venture out to new places, but for the most part we still end up going to “our” same local places.

With a toddler, it’s easier to go to a place you already know and order the items he will eat.

But in 2020, where we will have monthly dates I plan to use those to try out new restaurants.


As a city girl, I knew Philadelphia center city like the back of my hand. Now, living in Orange County and having to drive everywhere I miss being a part of the city and feeling like I know it.

In 2020, I plan to venture out to LA a little more and get to know it a bit more intimately.


Though I am still passionate about this blog, if you were to look at the way I spend my time, you would think this is a hobby I sometimes enjoy.

In truth, I have never given myself the permission to fully embrace that this is my job.

That it requires my whole attention and to continue to build and be successful I can’t keep putting this on the back burner before everything else.

So my goal for 2020 is to give myself office hours and make sure that the projects that I am passionate about get my full attention they deserve.


I didn’t realize that I am a serial multi-tasker until Mauricio pointed it out to me. Not only did I spend 2019 making unrealistic to do lists, but I was also trying to desperately multi task them all.

In the end, whether I got all of these tasks done or not I felt frazzled and not sure I actually done everything I set out to do the way I wanted to.

Giving myself office hours, prioritizing tasks and focusing on what’s at hand has really helped me create a better structure for myself.


We had  major health challenges in my immediate family this year, which were all over come thanks to preventive care.

The lesson in all of this is that yearly physicals can save a life.  And I need to take care of myself, especially now as a mom.


Thanks for reading,





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