The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail: A Spicy Pear Martini

I know it’s the holiday season because I am a ball of anxiety and I’ve canceled plans with two friends this week, because I just can’t seem to focus on anything but all the holiday prep that I haven’t been doing. What I have been doing though, is thinking about all the cocktailing and the eating I am going to do. We basically roll with the same menu every year, and it’s the only time that I get to have all of this carb loaded goodness. I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to drink. We’ll be at my house. I’m not driving anywhere and there will be enough relatives for someone to keep an eye on the baby—so this mama can relax. Which is why I  decided to infuse my own vodka with spices and pears, and make up the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail: a  spicy pear martini! We are a week out, which is the right amount of time for you to infuse your vodka with this recipe  over the weekend, and join me in getting tipsy this Thanksgiving!  Continue Reading…

10 Things I Should Have Registered for When Expecting a Baby

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Now that my baby is almost 2 (!), I can finally look back and think about the items I truly needed in those early days. As a first time mom, there were tons of stuff I thought weren’t necessary, only to have to make several trips back to Target to get all the things I didn’t register for.  Now, I’m sharing the top 10 things I should have registered for when expecting a baby, so other mom’s won’t make my rookie mistake!  Continue Reading…

Four Delicious Dinners You Can Make This Week

Four Delicious Dinners You Can Make This Week

Quite a few of  you have asked about our nightly dinners, one skillet meals, what the heck I buy at Trader Joe’s and how I manage get dinner on the table at least 4 nights a week, on most weeks. The truth is that I cheat. Especially over the last year, I started coming up with ways to make this gruesome task easier on myself, and others! And now it still feels gruesome, but also manageable. Read on for tricks, shortcuts and tips to serving up four delicious dinners you can make this week—from everyone’s favorite store, Trader Joe’s! Continue Reading…

Fall Wedding Guest Style Inspo and Five Things I wish I put on my registry

What to wear to a fall wedding

Last weekend we attended a wedding of a long time family friend. All weddings are incredibly romantic and special in their own way, but something about this one has stayed with me.  It’s rare when you can truly see love and tenderness between a couple. A comfort, ease and the simplicity of two people insync and for the lack of better words, meant to be. It was a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous day for a fall wedding, and we were so honored to be able to attend. Looking through this bride’s registry also inspired this post, because I ended up making a big purchase for myself. And dare I say that it was life-changing? Read on for some fall wedding guest style inspo and five things I wish I put on my registry.

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How to Make an Emergency Kit For Your Home

what to pack in your emergency kit and feel prepared for the worst

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Over the last few months, horrific natural disasters have hit almost all parts of the globe. My heart aches for the hurricane, flood and earthquake victims,  and when I could donate or send even the smallest contribution I tried to do so. I can’t imagine how devastating it is to lose a loved one. To watch all of your possessions ransacked. To stay at shelters and not know whether there will be enough water. To think ahead for how to rebuild your life after such devastation.

As a mom, thinking about other moms who may not have access to food, water and diapers for their little ones broke my heart. Selfishly, it also got me thinking about the importance of being prepared. I’m not sure how ready one can be, but I felt like I had to do something. So short of being a doomsday prepper I thought I would put together a disaster/emergency kit for our home. As a Californian transplant, and  a parent it felt like an important step.

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Pet and Child are Besties

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Pet and Child are Besties

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Thinking about our days here at home, and how baby FLO and Benny follow each other around all day. From exploring  the backyard, to trying out each other’s toys and sometimes snacks,  and then sharing the dog bed. It’s hard to think back to a life before they were such a twosome. Or, that I was ever worried whether Benny would accept the baby. I certainly think a lot of the credit goes to Benny on this one, and his naturally loving disposition. On the other hand, we also took steps to help our dog and baby get along. So I thought I’d share them with you.  Read on for  5 ways to make sure your pet and child are besties. Also, don’t forget to scroll all the way down to find out about two amazing contests you can enter your little one in to win big!

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Mornings are for getting organized

nature made gummies biotin being intentional with my mornings


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I was really reluctant to write this post, mostly because I had to admit failure. But failure is part of the journey, so here is my truth. I have tried over and over again, but have ultimately failed at creating a bullet journal. I still love the idea of it, but I didn’t prioritize the key element of bullet journaling, which is creating the calendar blueprint ahead of time. But, out of the ashes—not literally, don’t worry I didn’t burn any journals for therapeutic reasons—arose a new organizational technique that I’d like to share. Read on to find out why mornings are for getting organized. Continue Reading…

The Basics You Need to Transition into Fall

shop the trend of the season mules this fall

It’s hard to think ahead for fall in the middle of the heat wave that we’ve been experiencing here, but mentally I’m so ready to layer up and switch up my closet for the cooler temps. While I’m not quite ready for sweater weather and pumpkin everything, I’ve started to slowly pick up a few new things to mix with items I already have. There is definitely no need to overhaul your entire wardrobe, instead I like to find a few trendy pieces to add to the classics I’ve already have. Here are the basics you need to transition into fall, that won’t have you looking like a basic 🙂

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Dating Adventures

adventurous day date ideas for new parents

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A few months ago I shared how Mau and I have taken our weekends back and organized a plan that would allow each of us time for activities we love and time with friends. We even vowed to have at least one date night a month. And over the last few months our efforts have been pretty successful. But, after a few times out, dinner dates got stale and routine. So we decided to switch things up!Read on to find out more about our dating adventures.

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